Book Review – Fairy Godmothers, Inc.

This book was provided to me via Netgalley in return for an honest review.

Book – Fairy Godmothers, Inc.

Series – Fairy Godmothers, Inc. #1

Author – Saranna DeWylde

Genre – Adult Contemporary Fantasy

Release Date – 29 December 2020

Rating – 3.5 blossoms

Book Review:

I actually don’t know where to start with this one, maybe that this was the most fun read to start off December with.

This is a true real-life, feel good, fairy tale for adults looking for an escape. With witty banter, sarcastic comebacks that will have you laughing out loud, and the fairy tale “happily-ever-after” you know you’ll get!

Now, we get a few viewpoints throughout this story. While it’s not fixed when you’ll read from what perspective, it is clear when there’s a change in narrative. There wasn’t a single moment when I didn’t know who was talking.

Lucky Fujiki is nothing like her name suggests. Her whole life unluck has followed her around, spreading to others who touch her. Nothing is more true than in her relationship with Ransom Payne. They couldn’t even have sex and their relationship definitely didn’t end well.

So, when her three godmothers (actual fairies, but she didn’t know that yet) asks her to get fake married with him, she isn’t sure she can face him. And what if her unluck gets worse?

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