Book Review – Snow

Book – Snow

Series – Happily Never After Series #1

Author – Plum Pascal & HP Mallory

Genre – Adult Paranormal Romance Reverse Harem

Release Date – 3 April 2020

Rating – 4 blossoms

Book Review

Neva Valkoinen is better known as Snow White. She has no memories before the age of 12, when she got in Ascor. *Trigger warning for sexual assault and substance abuse.

“Hair black as night, lips red as blood, skin white as snow. Beautiful. Ethereal. Enchanting.”

She is used for profit, to dance for men, to keep her room. When Herrick enters, she doesn’t understand what he wants from her. He treats her differently than other men.

The world, Fantasia, includes various fairy tale lands, like Wonderland, Sweetland, The Hollows, Enchanted Forests, Neverland Islands, and more… There are also different species within this world, and it works to separate the lands and voices within the story.

The ‘seven dwarves’ – as we know them from the classic fairy tale – are replaced by another mythical creature. Four of them were lost in a war, while one was cursed to a deep sleep.

The only thing I’m not so clear on is the Acolytes of Gryphus. But this sparks my interest to continue reading this series, hoping there is more to learn…

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