Book Review – This Golden Flame

This book was provided to me via Netgalley in return for an honest review.

Book – This Golden Flame

Author – Emily Victoria

Genre – Young Adult LGBTQ+ Science Fiction Fantasy

Release Date – 2 February 2021

Rating – 5 blossoms

Book Review

I don’t know where to start with this review. This story is so much more than just a fun fantasy read. Like a diamond, there’s facets to this story that needs to be uncovered.

We follow a dual perspective in Karis and Alix. Karis is stubborn and fierce, with a single-minded goal of reuniting with her brother. When she finds Alix, an automaton unlike any other, their lives intertwine into a new purpose to create a better future.

“You either take what you need no matter the cost, or you watch it be taken from you.”

Emily created a world rich with history and promise. With characters as diverse and unique as her world, she imparts an important message within the pages of her novel – we are all unique, with a purpose we determine ourselves.

You will read about the bonds of family, both by blood and by choice; of mistakes and bravery in fixing them; of making difficult choices that affect others. Mostly, you’ll learn about love and the lengths people will go to to save the ones they love…

“If we flame out, we’ll burn like stars.”

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