Book Review – Mu

This book was provided to me by Lola’s Blog Tours in return for an honest review – I may have also bought the rest of the books in the series.

Book – Mu

Series – The Grimm Cases #1-3

Author – Lyla Oweds

Genre – Reverse Harem Paranormal Fantasy

Release Date – 15 August 2019

Rating – 5 blossoms

Book Review

If you like a plot with a cute, somewhat clueless protagonist who doesn’t irritate you (she is not Bella Swan), then you will love Bianca…

She lived a sheltered life, and we slowly learn more about her and her history. You do learn early on that she hides trauma, but the extent of this trauma is not yet made clear. Her cluelessness about the supernatural world she belongs to is endearing.

Then there is her boys: Damen, Miles, Titus, and Julian. I’m guessing that physical romance will play a part in this series, but the first few books are pretty tame in this aspect. The boys are all different and you do get some chapters from their points of view as the series progresses.

The supernatural aspect is based in Chinese mythology and teachings, which I haven’t read a lot about. It’s always interesting to see new authors take a general concept (powers based in the elements) and flip it on its head to work within their stories.

Lyla has a way of making a vulnerable protagonist strong, outspoken and likeable, where you would expect weakness. And while I think some of the writing, grammar and punctuation still needs work, the story itself is well worth overlooking all of that.

Will for sure continue reading this series (already bought books 4 and 5) and I’m interested in seeing the growth of these characters, especially Bianca’s, as she learns more about her place in this world and her group.

P.S. The reincarnation side of this story sounds so intriguing!

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