Book Review – Star-Crossed Dragons

This book was provided to me via Netgalley in return for an honest review.

Book – Star-Crossed Dragons

Series – Going Down In Flames #0.5

Author – Chris Cannon

Genre – YA Fantasy Romance

Release Date – 1 February 2021

Rating – 3.5 blossoms

Book Review

Most stories ease you into their worlds, but the first paragraph is an arranged marriage contract. Then you get the dragons and the dual point of view. Just hold on tight, this is one wild ride…

This book draws parallel to a lot of difficult topics, like class and financial division, what is expected of males and females, social standards, and even the governmental rules and requirements that can sometimes make no real sense at all.

We follow the dual perspectives of Sarah, contracted to marry Ferrin (a cold-hearted, obnoxious, infuriating Blue Dragon); and Ian, the Red Dragon that Sarah falls for. Governmental rules dictate that you cannot marry or have children outside your station. But what if your heart belongs with someone other than your intended?

“Because we all have our quirks. Greens analyze everything. Black Dragons can be overly dramatic. Reds have volcanic tempers. Oranges wish we’d stop talking to them. And your Clan (Blues) is uptight and uses antiquated language.”

The writing and plot was somewhat slow in places, but the characters carry this story so well that I barely noticed. Also, I found out that this is a prequel to Chris’ Going Down In Flames series, where we follow Sarah and Ian’s daughter and I’m very interested in reading it after this taste of his world…

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