Book Review – Bright Burning Stars

This book was provided to me via Netgalley in return for an honest review.

Book – Bright Burning Stars

Author – A.K. Small

Genre – YA Contemporary Mystery

Release Date – 21 May 2019

Rating – 3 blossoms

Book Review

First, a trigger warning for eating disorders.

In this contemporary drama we follow Marine and Kate, two best friends – rats competing to make company at the Wanterre Ballet Company. Each girl has her own reason for wanting to be the best, and the lengths they go to to get the top spot feels too possible.

Marine is the good girl, somewhat naïve, but loyal to a fault. On the other hand, Kate is in desperate need of love – not the kind friendship provides, but from her family. There are times when I understood one girl’s motivations more than the other, but they are both beautiful characters in their own right, with real struggles.

Now, don’t think because I rated this book at 3 blossoms, I didn’t enjoy the story, because I did. It ropes you in fast with the setting. Even the supporting characters had depth, will get in your head and heart. I think the part that will stick with you is how real it all feels. So many future ballerinas will benefit from the lessons this book imparts…

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