Book Review Policy

I have been reading for so long now.  I cannot see a world in which books aren’t the most important part of my life and when I don’t read for an entire day, I feel deprived of brain oxygen.

 I would easily accept only physical copies of books, but since this can be quite an expensive endeavor, I do also accept e-books for reviewing purposes.

I love reading books by Indie and self-published authors – they don’t get nearly as much exposure as they deserve.  Finding these gems are hard, but I’ll persist.  Never think that, because a genre isn’t prominently mentioned, that I won’t consider it.

Also, my reviews are 100% honest, and my own opinion always.  If I do receive a book for reviewing purposes, it will be mentioned in the review post.

Genres I love:

  • Young Adult fiction
  • New Adult
  • Murder Mysteries
  • Fairytale Retellings
  • Dystopian
  • Fantasy

Genres I never read:

  • Erotica
  • Biographies
  • Comics

Reviewing will be at my discretion, but if we agree to a review date, I will be punctual.  So, please ensure to add the following to a request:  the book cover, synopsis, genres it falls in, review date (if you have one), and publication date.  Accepting requests will be at my discretion and dependent on my monthly schedules.

Feel free to drop me a message with any requests or questions.  I usually answer all within 24 to 48 hours.

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