Book Review – These Vengeful Hearts

Book Review A secret organization at Heller High School can grant favors or deal out punishments. Only no-one knows who they are or why they do what they do. But Ember Williams is hell-bent on finding out and getting in. “Half of the school treated them like the Boogeyman…” Why was Ember so obsessed withContinue reading “Book Review – These Vengeful Hearts”

Book Review – Demons Lie

Book Review Aria is a witch and a demon hunter. Her life was turned upside down after she watched a demon kill her mother. Then her father abandoned her and committed suicide. Alone and full of rage, she hunts demons and closes the doorways through which they come into our world. Aria is a strongContinue reading “Book Review – Demons Lie”

Book Review – Sugar Kisses

Book Review This might just be my favorite book yet. Roxy is a strong, independent woman who was hurt by an idiot. Then she moves in with Cole, Baya’s brother, and refuses to fall for the Whitney Briggs College manwhore. “I planted my Tampax right next to his razor. It was my way of saying,Continue reading “Book Review – Sugar Kisses”

Book Review – Winter Kisses

Book Review “I used to believe in love. I used to believe that two people and one lifetime equaled happily ever after. I used to believe that the strong arms that once held me tight would always protect, never leave, never give up on us.” The 3:AM Kisses series have now become my guilty pleasureContinue reading “Book Review – Winter Kisses”

Book Review – The House of Styx

Book Review This one took me weeks to read, not because it was bad, but rather because it was so dense and well written that I took my time to absorb every detail. There is always something happening – character growth, romance, adventure – this book had it all. Add the Venusian life, the clouds,Continue reading “Book Review – The House of Styx”

Book Review – Lies, Lies, Lies

Book Review Here’s the thing, I want to start out by saying I don’t want to spoil anything with this review, but you have to know this book has a trigger warning for sexual assault. Now, this is a ‘on-the-edge-of-your-seat’ ‘slow-burn’ read. You will need to invest your time, and be prepared for some discomfort.Continue reading “Book Review – Lies, Lies, Lies”

Book Review – The Heart of Lies

Book Review While Emily is still trying to find out who her dead husband really was and why he lied to her, a new threat is descending on Paradise Valley, and this one will affect Emily’s inner circle. While both Isabel and Emily are almost immediately suspicious, they have no idea how bad things willContinue reading “Book Review – The Heart of Lies”

Book Review – Doon

Book Review This is a retelling of the musical Brigadoon. Admittedly, I have not seen this musical at all and I have no idea what it’s even about… We follow the dual perspectives of Veronica and Mackenna throughout their journey. They are travelling to Alloway, Scotland for their summer break. Mackenna is ready to takeContinue reading “Book Review – Doon”

Book Review – 3:AM Kisses

Book Review I haven’t read a book this fast in a long time. And since I don’t often read romantic comedies, that’s saying something. This book had me tearing up from laughing so hard. I loved every second! Baya is a sweetheart, a good girl with a heart of gold. Her brother, Cole, is aContinue reading “Book Review – 3:AM Kisses”

Book Review – Desperation

Book Review I had such high hopes for this book. Reagan Rykehart was caught with drugs, not hers, and sent to the Grady Island Reintegration camp, but she does not make it there. She jumps off the boat and swims to the nearest shore, finding herself on Halcyon Island instead, run by David, a religiousContinue reading “Book Review – Desperation”