Book Review – Bright Burning Stars

Book Review First, a trigger warning for eating disorders. In this contemporary drama we follow Marine and Kate, two best friends – rats competing to make company at the Wanterre Ballet Company. Each girl has her own reason for wanting to be the best, and the lengths they go to to get the top spotContinue reading “Book Review – Bright Burning Stars”

Book Review – Mu

Book Review If you like a plot with a cute, somewhat clueless protagonist who doesn’t irritate you (she is not Bella Swan), then you will love Bianca… She lived a sheltered life, and we slowly learn more about her and her history. You do learn early on that she hides trauma, but the extent ofContinue reading “Book Review – Mu”

Book Review – The Weaver

Book Review This story plays out in alternating perspectives from Laney and Jason. We also get insight into the story Laney is busy writing via journal style entries. Her protagonist is a version of herself and there is more characters than her antagonist that seems to have escaped the pages of her story, who wantsContinue reading “Book Review – The Weaver”

Book Review – Two Can Keep a Secret

Book Review In Echo Ridge, homecoming queens disappear or are killed. The mystery is the connection between the two, since these events happened years apart. But who would do something like this? Ellery and Malcolm are right in the middle of the latest mystery. Ellery is a possible victim and Malcolm a possible suspect. TheContinue reading “Book Review – Two Can Keep a Secret”

Book Review – Crown of Coral and Pearl

Book Review Nor and Zadie are identical twins, their names literally means coral and pearl. In Varenia the girls are taught that beauty is everything and the most beautiful girl will get to leave Varenia. This girl gets to marry the prince of Ilara and become queen. Nor had always wanted to leave Varenia andContinue reading “Book Review – Crown of Coral and Pearl”

Book Review – The Rose Princess

Book Review I have loved fairy tales since I was a child, watching and re-watching them. I could never grow tired of the stories, even now as an adult. This year I’ve been reading quite a few retellings (see The Thief of Cahraman) and finding new versions of old favorites to fall in love with.Continue reading “Book Review – The Rose Princess”

Book Review – Lies, Lies, Lies

Book Review Here’s the thing, I want to start out by saying I don’t want to spoil anything with this review, but you have to know this book has a trigger warning for sexual assault. Now, this is a ‘on-the-edge-of-your-seat’ ‘slow-burn’ read. You will need to invest your time, and be prepared for some discomfort.Continue reading “Book Review – Lies, Lies, Lies”

Book Review – The Source of Magic

Book Review: “I can speak to demons. The punishment is death.” I am incredibly confused by this book, in the best way possible. Quite honestly, a whole lot of nothing happened for the largest part of this book, while so many small things also happened at the same time, things you don’t really pick upContinue reading “Book Review – The Source of Magic”

Book Review – The Day I Died

Book Review This book follows the story of Oshin, who lives a quiet life safely inside the walls of Nailus. The undead outside the walls is just that, zombies that cannot get to her. But, of course, she somehow gets it in her head that nothing bad will happen if she leaves that safety, runningContinue reading “Book Review – The Day I Died”

Book Review – The Bone Charmer

Book Review: “Tomorrow my future will be decided by my dead gran’s finger bones.” This is the first sentence you will read when you pick up this book. If this doesn’t make you want to know what the story is about, then I don’t know what to say to convince you… We follow Saskia asContinue reading “Book Review – The Bone Charmer”