Book Review – Playing Cupid

“Fate caught me off-guard, plunging its silver-tipped sword deep into my heart and twisting before I could parry.” Honestly, the opening prologue broke my heart. Megan lost her mother as a child. When her dad withdrew from her life due to his grief, she learned to cope by not letting anyone get close enough toContinue reading “Book Review – Playing Cupid”

Book Review – Star-Crossed Dragons

Book Review Most stories ease you into their worlds, but the first paragraph is an arranged marriage contract. Then you get the dragons and the dual point of view. Just hold on tight, this is one wild ride… This book draws parallel to a lot of difficult topics, like class and financial division, what isContinue reading “Book Review – Star-Crossed Dragons”

Book Review – The Iron Raven

Book Review This story follows Robin Goodfellow (or Puck, as he is better known by this name). He is the same jester/prankster from ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ by William Shakespeare. With is dry sense of humor, you will either love or hate him, but he will grow on you… This book can be read asContinue reading “Book Review – The Iron Raven”

Book Review – This Golden Flame

Book Review I don’t know where to start with this review. This story is so much more than just a fun fantasy read. Like a diamond, there’s facets to this story that needs to be uncovered. We follow a dual perspective in Karis and Alix. Karis is stubborn and fierce, with a single-minded goal ofContinue reading “Book Review – This Golden Flame”