Book Review – Lights at Midnight

Review This book took me almost two whole weeks to read. While the concept was interesting and the mythical world, Glacia, piqued my interest, we only saw about 30% of watered-down action. Most of this book is about teen angst. Cordelia, or Ellie, learns she is not just a normal teen but has a largerContinue reading “Book Review – Lights at Midnight”

Book Review – Two Can Keep a Secret

Book Review In Echo Ridge, homecoming queens disappear or are killed. The mystery is the connection between the two, since these events happened years apart. But who would do something like this? Ellery and Malcolm are right in the middle of the latest mystery. Ellery is a possible victim and Malcolm a possible suspect. TheContinue reading “Book Review – Two Can Keep a Secret”

Book Review – The Lake Never Tells

Book Review Sunny Shores Trailer Park is home to Zoe and Parker. They may not be family by blood, but everyone at the trailer park feels like family. Next door, at Crystal Waters, is where Ethan stays for the summer holidays. A spoiled, rich boy, like all the others there, only he isn’t like that.Continue reading “Book Review – The Lake Never Tells”

Book Review – Whiskey Kisses

Book Review This installment focuses on Izzy, Laney’s older sister, and Holt, Bryson’s twin. Their secrets keep them from loving each other fully. While there’s a lot of hints to what their secrets could be, I refused to guess. I wanted the characters to reveal them when they’re ready. The first book in this seriesContinue reading “Book Review – Whiskey Kisses”

Book Review – To The Bone

Book Review Harley’s whole life was turned upside down with her parents’ divorce, so when her aunt gave her a chance to spend the summer in Paris with her cousin, she went. If only she knew what was in store for them… One of Gretchen’s friends invites her and Harley to an off-limits tour ofContinue reading “Book Review – To The Bone”

Book Review – The Code for Love and Heartbreak

Book Review A modern update of the classic story Emma. In this story, Emma wants to focus on her senior year, her academics, and the Coding Club project. But when she envisions a matchmaking app called ‘The Code for Love’, her whole world is turned upside-down and maybe now numbers just won’t be enough toContinue reading “Book Review – The Code for Love and Heartbreak”

Book Review – Kingdom of Sea and Back

Review Their mom redeemed herself in this installment and I’m just so happy! Ceren thinks that love is weakness, but what he doesn’t know, what he couldn’t understand, is that love gives you strength to fight for others without regard for yourself. Love can transcend even fear sometimes. Because this is a sequel, my perdicamentContinue reading “Book Review – Kingdom of Sea and Back”

Book Review – The Glass Queen

“Once upon a time, in a magical land teeming with good and evil, a beautiful queen birthed an incredibly special daughter.” “Strong of heart and fast as wind. A warrior set apart, unwilling to bend.” Princess Ashleigh Charmaine-Anskelisa is to play a part in ‘The Little Cinder Girl’ fairy tale. Her role is not pre-determinedContinue reading “Book Review – The Glass Queen”

Book Review – Crown of Coral and Pearl

Book Review Nor and Zadie are identical twins, their names literally means coral and pearl. In Varenia the girls are taught that beauty is everything and the most beautiful girl will get to leave Varenia. This girl gets to marry the prince of Ilara and become queen. Nor had always wanted to leave Varenia andContinue reading “Book Review – Crown of Coral and Pearl”

Book Review – The Rose Princess

Book Review I have loved fairy tales since I was a child, watching and re-watching them. I could never grow tired of the stories, even now as an adult. This year I’ve been reading quite a few retellings (see The Thief of Cahraman) and finding new versions of old favorites to fall in love with.Continue reading “Book Review – The Rose Princess”