Book Review – Snow

Book Review Neva Valkoinen is better known as Snow White. She has no memories before the age of 12, when she got in Ascor. *Trigger warning for sexual assault and substance abuse. “Hair black as night, lips red as blood, skin white as snow. Beautiful. Ethereal. Enchanting.” She is used for profit, to dance forContinue reading “Book Review – Snow”

Book Review – The Rose Princess

Book Review I have loved fairy tales since I was a child, watching and re-watching them. I could never grow tired of the stories, even now as an adult. This year I’ve been reading quite a few retellings (see The Thief of Cahraman) and finding new versions of old favorites to fall in love with.Continue reading “Book Review – The Rose Princess”

Book Review – Hidden Princess

Book Review: This is a modern Sleeping Beauty retelling that centers around Rory (Aurora), who is brought up by her ‘aunts’ in the human realm. After she shares her first kiss with her crush, Carson, things change for her. Rory learns that she isn’t human. There is more than one ‘true love’ for her, andContinue reading “Book Review – Hidden Princess”