Book Review – Cinderella is Dead

Book Review Let me start with the obvious, this is a Cinderella fairytale retelling (of sorts), only she’s been dead for 200 years and Kalynn flipped the classic tale on it’s head. So, what if everything you’ve been told about the Cinderella tale was a lie? Sophia doesn’t want to go to the ball, inContinue reading “Book Review – Cinderella is Dead”

Book Review – Lights at Midnight

Review This book took me almost two whole weeks to read. While the concept was interesting and the mythical world, Glacia, piqued my interest, we only saw about 30% of watered-down action. Most of this book is about teen angst. Cordelia, or Ellie, learns she is not just a normal teen but has a largerContinue reading “Book Review – Lights at Midnight”

Book Review – Kingdom of Sea and Back

Review Their mom redeemed herself in this installment and I’m just so happy! Ceren thinks that love is weakness, but what he doesn’t know, what he couldn’t understand, is that love gives you strength to fight for others without regard for yourself. Love can transcend even fear sometimes. Because this is a sequel, my perdicamentContinue reading “Book Review – Kingdom of Sea and Back”

Book Review – The Glass Queen

“Once upon a time, in a magical land teeming with good and evil, a beautiful queen birthed an incredibly special daughter.” “Strong of heart and fast as wind. A warrior set apart, unwilling to bend.” Princess Ashleigh Charmaine-Anskelisa is to play a part in ‘The Little Cinder Girl’ fairy tale. Her role is not pre-determinedContinue reading “Book Review – The Glass Queen”

Book Review – Crown of Coral and Pearl

Book Review Nor and Zadie are identical twins, their names literally means coral and pearl. In Varenia the girls are taught that beauty is everything and the most beautiful girl will get to leave Varenia. This girl gets to marry the prince of Ilara and become queen. Nor had always wanted to leave Varenia andContinue reading “Book Review – Crown of Coral and Pearl”

Book Review – Suspended

Book Review This was the first-ever audiobook I received, but for some reason, years ago, I just couldn’t get into this one. Then I gave it another shot a while back, and have to say that I got completely lost in the story. Zuma and Finley were the most beautiful, real, and interesting characters. TheContinue reading “Book Review – Suspended”

Book Review – Thief of Cahraman

Book Review I’ve loved fairy tales from a young age and I was especially obsessed with Disney movies (I might still be)… Over the years I’ve read a few retellings based on popular Disney movies/Grimm fairy tales and this one was my favorite by far. There was something unique, magical even, about Lucy’s writing. HerContinue reading “Book Review – Thief of Cahraman”

Book Review – The Bone Charmer

Book Review: “Tomorrow my future will be decided by my dead gran’s finger bones.” This is the first sentence you will read when you pick up this book. If this doesn’t make you want to know what the story is about, then I don’t know what to say to convince you… We follow Saskia asContinue reading “Book Review – The Bone Charmer”

Book Review – The Atlantis Bloodline

Book Review I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily. This story starts with a dream of Maia, an immortal and an ancient village. Her sister killed two human virgins to become the most beautiful and a goddess. This corrupted her soul. Then Electra kills Maia, but sheContinue reading “Book Review – The Atlantis Bloodline”